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Mora gymnasium is an Upper Secondary School situated in the city of Mora. The school has about 1000 students from all over Sweden. Mora gymnasium provides 11 National Programs, most of them with orientations. The programmes may be either vocational programmes, or programmes preparatory for higher education.

Higher education preparatory programme
Arts Programme
●Business Management and Economics Programme
●Natural Science Programme
●Social Science Programme
●Technology Programme

Vocational programme
Child and Recreation Programme
●Building and Construction Programme
●Electricity and Energy Programme
●Health and Social Care Programme
●Restaurant Management and Food Programme
●Vehicle and Transport Programme

Special physical education at Mora gymnasium

Mora gymnasium provides also the possibility to make a combination with sport and studies with two different levels. Regional (RIG) with programs for elite level and competitions, National (NIU) and Local (LIU) with competitions oriented towards lower divisions.

Ice Hockey
Cross Country Skiing
Ski Orienteering
Mountain Bike Orienteering

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